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Duets for Trumpets

These duets have grown out of my teaching of and my love of the literature for the trumpet.  They are all based on existing solo repertoire for the trumpet, either for trumpet and orchestra or trumpet and piano.   Why wait for the pianist or the whole orchestra to show up to experience these works as interactive music? In essence, the top voice is the solo line, while the bottom voice is, well, everything else!  Rob McGregor, former trumpeter with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, has published these duets through his company Balquhidder Music, with Carl Fisher, Inc as distributor.   

Three Classical Concertos 

Concerti by Haydn, Hummel and Neruda

Eight Famous Solos

Andante et Allegro by Ropartz

Petit Piece Concertante by Balay

Andante et Allegretto by Balay

Maid of the Mist by Clarke

Carnival of Venice by Clarke

Concert Etude by Goedicke

Sonata by Hansen

Fantasie Brillante by Arban

Thirteen Baroque Favorites

Sonata by Corelli

Concerto G.1 by Torelli

Concerto "Etienne Roger" by Torelli

Sonata by Purcell

Suite by Handel

Concerto by Telemann

Concerto by L. Mozart

Concerto by Fasch

Concerto by Hertel

Jauchzet (Cantata 51) by Bach

Grosser Herr (Christmas Oratorio) by Bach

Let the Bright Seraphim (Sampson) by Handel

The Trumpet Shall Sound (Messiah) by Handel 

Orchestral Souvenirs

This fourth volume is finished.  The duets are based on important excerpts and great moments for the trumpet from orchestral repertoire.  Publication by Balquhidder is coming toward the end of 2018. 


IAdvance copies of the book have met with enthusiasm from some leading orchestral trumpet players: 

"Orchestral Souvenirs" is both a practical, enjoyable introduction to the orchestral repertoire for the student and a beneficial resource for professional players.  The real value here is that the duets place these famous moments form the orchestral repertoire in their proper musical context, and the depth of composition makes for an uncommonly musical duet experience.  Bravo Neil!

                               - Christopher Martin, Principal Trumpet, New York Philharmonic

Neil Mueller's new orchestral duet book is a terrific addition to the trumpet duet catalog.  With a fresh approach to standard orchestral repertoire, these wonderful duets offer every level of trumpeter the opportunity to play through some of our biggest pieces in a stylistic and contextual sense that is fun and challenging.  

                                - Michael Sachs, Principal Trumpet, Cleveland Orchestra

I was pleasantly surprised by "Orchestral Souvenirs".  I think it is a unique, challenging addition to the duet repertoire that keeps each player on their toes.  

                               - James Wilt, Associate Principal Trumpet, Los Angeles Philharmonic

Below is the cover designed by a terrific artist, Walter Mueller.  He also did some amusing souvenir sketches inside the book.  You can find more of his art at

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