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The Central Michigan University Trumpet                                   Studio

If you are a member of the CMU Trumpet Studio, you take a lesson every week, participate in Tuesday / Thursday Studio Classes and Monday night Trumpet Ensemble rehearsals.  Presently there are 17 trumpeters in the studio.  Ensembles from CMU have performed at numerous International Trumpet Guild Conferences and in recent years have competed in the National Trumpet Competition for the past three years and will plan to do so again in March of 2019.  Recent successes include Jared Sessink placing third in the ITG Solo Competition in 2013 and the CMU Trumpet Septet placing 

third in the 2016 National Trumpet Competition.  

Before I came to Central Michigan University in 2001 , there was a strong tradition in the trumpet studio due to my predecessors Dennis Horton and Paul Willwerth.  Dr. Horton came out of the strong brass band tradition in Michigan and studied with Cliff Lillya at the University of Michigan.  Dr. Willwerth was also a graduate of the University of Michigan but also spent time in Massachusetts and played a bit with one of my teachers, Roger Voisin.  As I am on a kick to improve this website, I hope to include news about CMU Trumpet Studio alumni.  If you are reading this and are an alum from whatever era, please send  me a note about where you are and what you are up to.  

Central Michigan University Trumpet Studio Fall 2017


2017 CMU Trumpet Septet at Royal Oak HS

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